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    return_inferencedata option for pm.sample (#3911) · aafa00bc
    Michael Osthege authored
    * mention arviz functions by name in warning
    * convert to InferenceData already in sample function
    + convert to InferenceData and save metadata to it already in sample()
    + pass idata instead of trace to convergence check, to avoid duplicate work
    + directly use arviz diagnostics instead of pymc3 aliases
    * fix refactoring bugs
    * fix indentation
    * add return_inferencedata option
    + set to None
    + defaults to False
    * Fix numpy docstring format.
    Replaced "<varname>: <type>" with "<varname> : <type>" per numpy guidelines.
    Fix spelling typo.
    * pass model to from_pymc3 because of deprecation warning
    * add test for return_inferencedata option
    * advise against keeping warmup draws in a MultiTrace
    * mention #3911
    * pin to arviz 0.8.0 and address review feedback
    * rerun/update notebook to show inferencedata trace
    * fix typo
    * make all from_pymc3 accessible to the user
    * remove duplicate entry, and wording
    * address review feedback
    * update arviz to 0.8.1 because of bugfix
    * incorporate review feedback
    + more direct use of ArviZ
    + some wording things
    * use arviz plot_ppc
    * also ignore Visual Studio cache
    * fix warmup saving logic and test
    * require latest ArviZ patch
    * change warning to nuget users towards InferenceData
    * update ArviZ minimum version
    * address review feedback
    * start showing the FutureWarning about return_inferencedata in minor release >=3.10
    * require arviz>=0.8.3 for latest bugfix
    Co-authored-by: default avatarrpgoldman <rpgoldman@goldman-tribe.org>
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