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    Update contributing guide, fail fast (#4280) · 7ff2f499
    Marco Gorelli authored
    * update contributing
    * rename
    * put watermark back in (minimal impact anyway)
    * keep graphviz in
    * failfast
    * add failing test
    * fail fast
    * don't fail a test on purpose
    * indent
    * indent
    * remove -x
    * remove arviz with conda
    * dont remove patsy
    * try using python version correctly
    * move non-theano non-optional dependencies out of environment-dev.yml
    * keep python in environment-dev.yml, that's a separate issue
    * typo
    * put patsy back; final commit?
    * make separate env files
    * show python version
    * update env name in contributing.md
    * redistribute tests
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