Commit 9527966b authored by Joe Lyons's avatar Joe Lyons

Search for T1_1MM_ISO when creating subject CDs

parent 1247c8f3
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ scanDirs.sort(reverse=False)
# Walk through preferred list for each scan dir
bestScan = {}
scanTypes = ['T1_FLAIR', 'GLASSERT1', 'T1_ISO', 'YNICT1A', 'T1_MPRAGE']
scanTypes = ['T1_FLAIR', 'GLASSERT1', 'T1_ISO', 'YNICT1A', 'T1_MPRAGE', 'T1_1MM_ISO']
for scanType in scanTypes:
for dir in scanDirs:
# Glob for a scan of given type
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