Commit d6a37914 authored by Mark Hymers's avatar Mark Hymers
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For now we use Series Description starting with ISSS to allow non-contiguity

Signed-off-by: Mark Hymers's avatarMark Hymers <>
parent d65f0d3d
......@@ -782,14 +782,14 @@ class DICOMSeries(object):
Check whether this was acquired by one of the ISSS-style sequences
which mean that we can't check for Contiguity (as we won't have
data for every volume)
Unfortunately, we have to do this based on the series name as
there's nothing in the header to tell us.
raise Exception("TODO: THIS CAN'T WORK - SS isn't the right thing")
dat = self.get_first_property('SequenceVariant')
return 'SS' in dat
name = self.get_first_property('SeriesDescription')
return name.lower().startswith('isss')
except ValueError:
# Some files won't have SequenceVariant; in that case, we're
# not ISSS
return False
......@@ -112,8 +112,8 @@ class TestCaseSiemensFMRIISSS(BaseStudySeriesTests):
'mosaic_type': True, 'original_type': True,
'singleorientation_type': True, 'contiguous_type': False,
'isss_type': True, 'create_nifti': True, 'physio': False,
'series_description': 'ContextRun1',
'sanitised_series_description': 'ContextRun1',
'series_description': 'ISSS: Run 1',
'sanitised_series_description': 'ISSS:_Run_1',
'lowest_image_uid': ''}
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