Commit e7bc8326 authored by michaelosthege's avatar michaelosthege Committed by Thomas Wiecki

add type annotations in docstring

parent 7d9a7ab5
......@@ -34,16 +34,16 @@ class DifferentialEquation(theano.Op):
func: callable
func : callable
Function specifying the differential equation. Must take arguments y (n_states,), t (scalar), p (n_theta,)
times: array
times : array
Array of times at which to evaluate the solution of the differential equation.
n_states: int
n_states : int
Dimension of the differential equation. For scalar differential equations, n_states=1.
For vector valued differential equations, n_states = number of differential equations in the system.
n_theta: int
n_theta : int
Number of parameters in the differential equation.
t0: float
t0 : float
Time corresponding to the initial condition
......@@ -95,18 +95,16 @@ class DifferentialEquation(theano.Op):
self._apply_nodes = {}
self._output_sensitivities = {}
# FIXME: what are the types of these arguments? Couldn't guess when I was reformatting the
# docstring. [2020/04/11:rpg]
def _system(self, Y, t, p):
r"""This is the function that will be passed to odeint. Solves both ODE and sensitivities.
Y :
Y : array
augmented state vector (n_states + n_states + n_theta)
t :
t : float
current time
p :
p : array
parameter vector (y0, theta)
dydt, ddt_dydp = self._augmented_func(Y[:self.n_states], t, p, Y[self.n_states:])
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