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- `DEMetropolis` can now tune both `lambda` and `scaling` parameters, but by default neither of them are tuned. See [#3743]( for more info.
- `DEMetropolisZ`, an improved variant of `DEMetropolis` brings better parallelization and higher efficiency with fewer chains with a slower initial convergence. This implementation is experimental. See [#3784]( for more info.
- Notebooks that give insight into `DEMetropolis`, `DEMetropolisZ` and the `DifferentialEquation` interface are now located in the [Tutorials/Deep Dive]( section.
- Add `fast_sample_posterior_predictive`, a vectorized alternative to `sample_posterior_predictive`. This alternative is substantially faster for large models.
### Maintenance
- Remove `sample_ppc` and `sample_ppc_w` that were deprecated in 3.6.
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