Unverified Commit 60cca231 authored by Thomas Wiecki's avatar Thomas Wiecki Committed by GitHub

BUG Initialize adapt_full with a diagonal covariance matrix rather than ones. (#3891)

parent c1c77001
......@@ -1999,7 +1999,7 @@ def init_nuts(
elif init == "adapt_full":
start = [model.test_point] * chains
mean = np.mean([model.dict_to_array(vals) for vals in start], axis=0)
cov = np.ones((model.ndim, model.ndim))
cov = np.eye(model.ndim)
potential = quadpotential.QuadPotentialFullAdapt(model.ndim, mean, cov, 10)
raise ValueError("Unknown initializer: {}.".format(init))
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