Unverified Commit 380f7f04 authored by Michael Osthege's avatar Michael Osthege Committed by GitHub

take out the DEMetropolisZ warning (#3949)

parent dc574b7a
......@@ -696,12 +696,6 @@ class DEMetropolisZ(ArrayStepShared):
def __init__(self, vars=None, S=None, proposal_dist=None, lamb=None, scaling=0.001,
tune='lambda', tune_interval=100, tune_drop_fraction:float=0.9, model=None, mode=None, **kwargs):
'The DEMetropolisZ implementation in PyMC3 is very young. You should be extra critical about its results.'
' See Pull Request #3784 for more information.'
model = pm.modelcontext(model)
if vars is None:
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