Commit 950ddeae authored by Hao-Ting's avatar Hao-Ting

fixed the trial generator bug

The task can now accept any assigned number of trials / task lenght
that works within the limit of the task.
parent fe27b137
......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ class trial_builder(object):
init_task_t, init_go_n = experiment_parameters.create_counter()
for block in blocks:
self.initialise(init_task_t, [8, 8]) # HW- hard coding go_n this for now
self.initialise(init_task_t, init_go_n) # HW- hard coding go_n this for now
# get the specific go trials according to the block you are in
trial_NoGo, trial_Go = self.block_trials(
......@@ -338,7 +338,8 @@ class trial_builder(object):
self.save_trial(cur_trial, 'Switch')
if self.task_t != 0:
# if this list of trials is not good for the block, restart
self.initialise(init_task_t, [8, 8])# HW- hard coding go_n this for now
init_task_t, init_go_n = experiment_parameters.create_counter()
self.initialise(init_task_t, init_go_n)# HW- hard coding go_n this for now
self.trial_index = trial_idx_tmp
# if it's good save this block to the run
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